Simple IOT Clock (DOT Matrix, NTP)


This is a dead simple IOT clock that uses NTP to synchronize the time to UTC. It then displays the time on a cheap Dot Matrix display.

When the hour changes it displays a spiral animation.

The project uses a WiFi manager to store credentials on the ESP8266. It will start an access point name ESPXXXX when it is unable to connect to the internet. Connect to the WiFi access point and access to configure the WiFi credentials.


Connect the display to the 3.3V power supply and the rest of the pins to the following:

CS_PIN    D8 

Part List

1x ESP8266
1x MAX7219 Dot Matrix Display
1x Case & USB Cable


I printed the case out of PETG, but it will work in any other plastic. The DOT matrix display is simply glued in.

Source Code

Visit my GitHub to get the latest source code.
View source code.

Download 3D files.