Block Ads and Tracking

This app block overs 110,000 tracking, advertisement and malware domains.

It will block these domains for the entire phone and will prevent Android apps from displaying ads as well.

It is very unobtrusive and should not impact device performance or battery.

Purchase Android app for $5 USD.

Purchase App on the Galaxy Store

Hashtree Mobile

Android port of my Go program that de-duplicates, hashes, compresses and encrypts files and saves them to S3 storage.

It currently supports file system snapshots and uses LZ4 compression.

Kettlebell Competition

Still under active development. Kettlebell Competition is a ReactJS based Kettlebell Lifting competition platform.

View app here.

ThingSpeak IOT Channel Grapher

This is a ReactJS based web app which loads ThingSpeak channels and graphs the fields over a specified time or date range.

It currently has the following features:

  1. Graph over minutes, hours or days
  2. Summerize data over 30 minute, hourly or daily intervals
  3. Convert pressure to Mean Sea Level Pressure
  4. Display information about channel

Use app here.

World Map of ThingSpeak Weather Stations

If you want to view a list of active, open ThingSpeak weather stations (both amateur and professional) click here.